About Us

RVgoer.com is a site dedicated to keeping you on the go.

Tony’s vision for RVgoer.com is a place where people can learn, be safe and save money in their camping adventures. His how-to tips will help you be more self-sufficient with RV trouble while on the road. The goal is to empower RVgoers with the knowledge to resolve issues by themselves and get back on the road in no time. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than waiting days to have your RV in the repair shop.

Tony at his favorite lake in Northern Michigan

Tony is a dedicated husband and father of three wonderful children. Tony fell in love with camping and RV traveling over 25 years ago when his girlfriend (now his wife) took him on his first RV trip. Since that first trip, Tony has looked for every opportunity to travel in his RV and make great memories.

Tony now spends his free time planning and taking his family on memorable RV vacations. From boondocking in Northern Michigan to “glamping” at RV resorts in Florida, Tony has been exposed to all types of camping.

Tony wishes you great and safe travels with your RV!