Charging Battery While Connected To Inverter: The Best Way

A power inverter is great for energy needs. It can easily take battery DC power and convert it to AC power. However, as you use that AC electricity, your battery life starts to go down, and you need a charge. Eventually, a power inverter will leave you with a dead battery unless you can charge … Read more

Replacing Trailer Lights With LED: What You Need To Know

Replacing your trailer lights with LED is a great upgrade to any boat trailer, travel trailer, or utility trailer. The old lights used were incandescent bulbs that either burned out easily or took a lot of battery power. By upgrading your trailer’s LED lights, you are giving yourself years of maintenance-free bulb replacement. And on … Read more

Shore Power Not Charging House Batteries: 3 Steps To Do Now

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What Should Trailer Brake Gain Be Set At: The Right Way

Adjusting your trailer brake gain can be one of those tasks that you feel you never get right. And to make things more confusing, it seems like everybody has a different theory on what the gain should be. The thing to know with setting your trailer brake gain is that everyone has a different setup, … Read more

Replace Bulb Sealed Trailer Light: What You Need To Do

Sealed trailer lights are great! They keep out water and corrosion so your bulb can work on your boat trailer or utility trailer. Even many travel trailers now have sealed brakes and tail lights to provide extra weather protection. But what should you do if your bulb gets burned? I mean, it’s a sealed unit. … Read more

Broken Trailer Leaf Spring: What You Need To Do

A few weeks ago, I was driving my trailer on the highway. It was a construction zone where the pavement was not in the greatest shape. Then going over a bridge, a major bump caused my trailer and truck to bounce a lot. After pressing the brakes to slow the bouncing, I knew I might have trouble. … Read more

Jayco vs Forest River: How To Choose Best For You

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Coleman vs Jayco: Guide To Choose Best For You

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RV Shower Drain Leak: How To Stay Dry And Stop Costly Damage

Water is the number one cause of permanent damage to an RV. Any leak, especially a drain leak, should be dealt with immediately. The challenge with finding an RV shower drain leak is that the piping is difficult to access and determine where the leak is coming from.  The most common cause for an RV … Read more

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Trailer Lights Not Working On One Side: Quick Fix Guide

Are you having trouble with your trailer lights not working on one side? It can be frustrating and even dangerous to drive with malfunctioning lights. A wiring issue is the most common reason for a trailer light not working on one side. This can range from a broken wire causing a short or corrosion that … Read more