Travel Trailer Water Pump Location: The Easy Guide

As an RV owner, you must get familiar with your travel trailer and where important components may be hidden.  Yes, many of the components in your travel trailer will indeed be hidden. 

The water pump is one of the most important components you should get familiar with in your RV.  The water pump is the key component of your water system, and you should know exactly where it is located.  Especially when at the RV park with no city water connection.  Your RV water pump is your only way to get water to your bathroom faucets, shower, toilet, or kitchen sink.

The most common travel trailer water pump location is near or under the kitchen sink.  There are other potential locations, and this post will help you navigate, including:

  • How to identify the location of the water pump
  • Top three locations from all RV manufacturers
  • Ways to access the water pump location

Whether you have a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or a motorhome, these locations and tips will help you discover the RV pump location. Also the same is true for any RV manufacturer.  Whether you have Forest River or a Jayco, the RV plumbing is similar among the various brands. There is no sure-fire way to say that every Forest River is located in the same spot as each RV manufacturer accommodates each floor plan and layout to select the water pump location.

Table of Contents

RV Water Pump

Your RV water pump is the center of your travel trailer plumbing system.  It’s what gives you that consistent water pressure, so you have nice water flow to all of your faucets.

Your trailer battery powers the water pump. Turn on the water pump switch at the control center, and your 12v water pump will now work.

I remember my first popup camper, and it had an old pump with no power. When you wanted water at the one and only faucet, you had to pump up and down with one hand while trying to wash the other hand.  And when you switched hands, the first hand got everything wet because you were now using it to pump.  So, I can attest a 12v water pump with water pressure is a luxury.

RV Water Pump Location

Your travel trailer plumbing system comprises of hoses, hose clamps, pex tubing, and a fresh water tank.  All of this is with the water pump at the center. And since the water pump needs to create pressure, it is usually centrally located to provide a good flow rate. 

Water pumps are centrally located to the the faucet and fresh water tank.

Knowing this will give us the main clue to the RV water pump’s location. 

First Location: Under the kitchen sink

By far, the most common RV water pump location is under or very near the kitchen sink.  The reason for this goes back to what we just reviewed, as the pump is centrally located.  Even if your kitchen sink is at the back of your travel trailer, the water heater and sink are the main sources of water and will be the closest to the water pump.

Start by looking under the kitchen sink. You should notice a drain vent and see other hoses and pex piping going to the sink.  Check around for the signs of a water pump.  Sometimes, a panel or a storage compartment may cover the water pump.

Check under the kitchen sink.

If you see a panel that is covering a section under the sink, it should have screws or a way to remove it.  An RV manufacturer knows that you need to access your water pump, so they will have a way to remove the panel if one is indeed is covering it.

Second Location: Compartment near the kitchen sink

If you did not find it under the kitchen sink, look for a storage compartment or access panel very near the sink.  My travel trailer has a panel cover with two screws between the refrigerator and kitchen sink. 

Look at nearby storage compartments.

Once I open this panel, I see the RV water pump and hot water heater.  And with that, the hose that goes down to the fresh water tank.  All very close to each other. This allows the pump not to work as hard to deliver water pressure and good water flow.

Third location: Next to the freshwater tank

Another possible location for the water pump is near your fresh water tank.  Most fresh water and grey water tanks are in the belly or under the floor of a travel trailer.  There is no easy access to them except by going under the trailer and removing the underbelly insulation and panel.

However, some smaller travel trailers, usually under 20 feet long, have a smaller fresh water tank inside the trailer.  It will be sitting on the floor and with clear access. Many are located in the compartment under a bunk bed or another floor-mounted storage compartment.

If you have one of these smaller trailers and the tank is inside your trailer, your RV pump may be very close.  Start by going to your fresh water tank.  Look around and see if you have any hoses near a water pump.  Check around for a nearby access panel.  If one is nearby, there should be screws or other ways to release that panel to get to the water heater.

Final Thoughts

Knowing where your travel trailer pump is located is important to every RV owner. Whether you need to repair a leak or install a new pump, getting access to your water pump is crucial. Start by checking under the kitchen sink.  This is the most common location and is a place to start.  The next possible location is near the kitchen sink.  Since the kitchen sink and hot water heater are usually nearby, so is the water pump.  Finally, if you have a smaller travel trailer, you may have your fresh water tank sitting on the floor somewhere in a compartment. If so, your water pump location should be nearby.